Taking flight...

What a journey! Welcome to Adorned Crown Cosmetics! 

I wanted to personally welcome you all, and provide a judgement free platform for all women to discuss beauty issues, personal growth and victories, and of course buy some AMAZING products.  My name is Dee, and this has been a vision of mine for years, but honestly, I was terrified. It's amazing how fear can cripple you, and convince you that your dreams hold no value. This is where I was. I was afraid. I had been creating products for myself, friends, and family for years. But, I was fearfully of actually launching a brand. 

I came to understand that if I was given the talents and vision that it was necessary for me to birth it into the world.  To push fear aside and go for it. Even know, I am extremely nervous. But, I know that this is vital for my journey. I realized that being fearful isn't the problem. It is allowing that "false evidence" to appear real in in my life. 

There are many of us out there that hold brilliant, amazing visions in our hearts, but are allowing fear and doubt to paralyze us from stepping out. We must claim our Dopeness! YOU... yes YOU, are destined to do extraordinary things. Make the plan, write it down, and take the first step. Everything else will fall into place. 

What are some things that are holding you back from becoming your greatest self?

Stand strong Queen! Adjust your crown, RISE, and walk in to your bright future!

 Until next time... Blessings and Love,