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What is A.C.C. Cleansing Oil?

It is the 1st step in your ACC cleansing skincare regimen!

A.C.C.Cleansing oil is another option to remove makeup, surface debris, and excess oil. What makes them different is how they work compared to traditional water-soluble cleansers that have a cream, gel, or foaming texture.
Traditional cleansers cleanse primarily with surfactants, ingredients that interact with oil, makeup, and surface debris on skin in a manner that allows them to be rinsed with water. Well-formulated cleansers also deposit hydrating ingredients on skin so it feels smooth and soft rather than tight or dry.

How Do Oils Cleanse Skin?

Oils don’t just moisturize skin, they also work as solvents, a group of ingredients that can dissolve similar substances. Oils are a special type of solvent because they’re lipophilic, meaning they’re naturally attracted to other oils, including the sebum our skin produces and the oil-like ingredients in makeup. This is what allows the oils in a a cleansing oil to quickly dissolve makeup and excess oil while softening skin at the same time.
The surfactants and a type of ingredient known as an emulsifier then come into play, as these allow the oils and what they’ve dissolved to combine with and then be easily rinsed with water.

Benefits of Cleansing Oil

The main benefits of cleansing oils are:

Provide for quick and easy removal of all types of makeup and sunscreens.

Leave skin feeling supple and smooth.

Are compatible with any other type of cleanser should you choose to double cleanse.

The best cleansing oils for skin contain non-fragrant plant oils. These are rich in components known as glycerides, which multitask by removing what you don’t want to stay on skin all night (makeup and sunscreen) while also replenishing what skin needs more of, namely, skin-softening hydrators.